Thursday, February 26, 2009


What IS the Power Patch?

The Power Patch is a revolutionary new weight loss patch sweeping the nation!
  • Lose weight and inches
  • Boost energy
  • Curb cravings
  • Stop overeating
  • Reduce body fat
  • Enhance muscle tone
  • Improve sleep
  • Clinically proven
What does the Power Patch do?

The Patch is all-natural and contains two patented ingredients, Forslean and ChromeMate. The Patch promotes fat loss while protecting the body's lean muscle mass. Lean muscle is vital to burning calories and defining the body's shape. The Patch "time releases" ingredients over 24 hours allowing you to stay in control of your appetite and cravings. There is no other transdermal weight loss patch on the market with Forslean.

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